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Welcome to the Ribon Waku-Waku Community, where fans of the manga magazine Ribon unite!

This is primarily a news community, although members are heavily encouraged to post anything and everything related to the magazine. If you come across any news not picked up by the main reporters, please share it with us!

Looking for a more in depth discussion about your favourite Ribon manga? Head over to Sunny Side Up, our sister forum run by the lovely Neko!

Signs that this community is for you:

✓You read Ribon
✓You'd like to read Ribon, but you can't afford those hefty import fees (๑→‿ฺ←๑)
✓You want access to the latest Ribon news
✓You want to share icons you make using images from manga appearing in Ribon
✓You want to discuss your favourite serialization
✓You want information about Ribon
✓You want to meet other users with similar interests to you

Are you convinced yet? Membership is currently open with nothing you need to fill out and no one screening applicants, so you're only one click away from instant access~ \(^∇^)/

*Be nice. We operate here just like our mothers told us: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!
*Try and be coherent. At Ribon Waku-Waku Community we like grammar. It's not a very big effort to punctuate your sentences, so please do.
*Do not post any offensive material. Doing so will result in a foot firmly kicking your backside out the door!
*Do not advertise other websites unless they are in someway related to Ribon. These posts will be deleted without warning.
*Please hide any spoilers you may write about under LJ-cut.
*No 'For Sale' posts, please.
*Have fun and don't be afraid to post! Whether you have something to share or a question to ask, don't hold back; we'd love to hear from you.

/\ Major /\

Crash! / Yuka Fujiwara
Fly High / Natsumi Oouchi
MOMO / Mayu Sakai
Sakura-hime Kaden / Arina Tanemura
Stardust Wink / Nana Haruta

/\ Short&Gag /\
Animal Yokochō / Ryou Maekawa
Chibi Maruko-chan / Momoko Sakura
Choco Mimi / Konami Sonoda
Hello Kitty / Anzu Momoyama
HIGH SCORE / Chinami Tsuyama
Ichigo OMELETTE / Kaori Hanzawa
Yayapuri / Hina Mashiro

Rockin' Heaven / Mayu Sakai (Shoujo Manga Manic)
Animal Yokochō / Ryou Maekawa (Eternal Bunny Love and SushiBar Manga)
Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu / Yoko Maki (Enchantment Scans and Divine Sanctuary Scans)
Aozora POP / Natsumi Oouchi (Enchantment Scans)
Chocolate Cosmos / Nana Haruta (Shoujo Love)
Royal Straight / Aki Mochida (Shoujo Love)
Shooting Star Astromance / Moe Yukimaru (Shoujo Love)
Love Berrish / Nana Haruta (Starry Heaven)
Star Blacks / Yoko Maki (Starry Heaven)
Brand Peace / Erika Kurahashi (Starry Heaven)
Nagatachou Strawberry / Mayu Sakai (Starry Heaven)
Saboten no Himitsu / Nana Haruta (Starry Heaven)
CRASH! / Yuka Fujiwara (HamHam Scans) - translated from Chinese, names have changed.

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Nana Haruta fan Shiina Ayumi fan

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